The steamship Blidösund is the original if you look for a cruise in the Stockholm archipelago who offer you the Christmas version of the Swedish Smorgasbord, in swedish called “Christmas Table”. Since 1981 we have offered these cruises from our departure point in front of the Royal Palace at Skeppsbron in Stockholm.

JulbiljettbildThe combination of a warm steamship, the exquisite “Christmas Table”, the calmness onboard and the breath-taking beauty of the archipelago in winter shape is truly unique! And on top of that, make a visit to the engine room where the Engineer and the Stoker proudly demonstrate the original steam engine from 1911



The traditional Swedish Christmas Table starts with a glass of “Glogg”, the nationally beloved drink of mulled wine. The first course on the table includes cured salmon, pickled herring and other pickled dishes. Then, a second course of cold meets, sliced cheese, cucumbers, and pate is served with hard bread. Next, the traditional Swedish meatballs, different kinds of sausages, and Jansson’s Temptation, which is a hearty and delicious potato gratin.

_GAR6879And not to forget; Snaps, traditionally herb flavoured aquavit, we even have our own to offer you!

Afterwards, the traditional dessert of rice porridge with cinnamon powder is served,. There are also sweet St. Lucia buns and Ginger cookies.


s/s Blidösund runs up to three cruises every day starting from the 29th of November until the 22nd of December. The cruises last for 2 or 2½ hour.


For more information and booking; contact our office at Ph: +46 8 24 30 90